International Women’s Day – Beyond Labelling

Briefcase is the symbol for the man that has it all - Says who?

Paying tribute to gender equality, Maverick & Co. is here to challenge the norms. You don’t have to be a man to make a howling success, just like you don’t have to be a man to pull off these wonderful bags. No one should define your style for you.

Our delicate pieces are made for every man and woman, who embraces their individuality and not afraid to show it to the world. No matter what gender, what identity you are representing, the minimalist bag collection is designed to accentuate your unique charisma.

@chowjiahui and her Maverick & Co. Explorer Light Backpack & Manhattan Leather Briefcase.
She knows what she wants in life, as well as in bags.
Select your own style that's beyond any labelling.

Maverick & Co. Spring 2020 Campaign

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