6 Types of Work Bags for Different Men

Work bags are an essential part of any man’s professional life. The bag that you carry for work is representing your aura, your role, and your personality. A fabulous work bag can likely help you win at the first impression in all scenarios.

Here, we are going to talk about the 6 most common types of bags for different men and how to select the best work bag for you.


A briefcase is more on the classy side of designs and perfectly complements your professional look. It is suitable for almost all formal occasions, especially those that require you to bring a laptop and paper documents. Briefcases are the most suit-friendly work bags. You will not need to worry about leaving sweat patches or wrinkles on your tailored suit no matter how much you carry.


A backpack is always a popular option for busy commuters that keeps them hands-free and effortless on the move. If you value comfort and convenience, a business backpack is definitely what you are looking for. A backpack suits best for those that have a more laid-back or creative working environment, such as tech, media, or start-up companies.


Tote bag is a versatile option for all men as it is both office and leisure friendly. It usually has a larger storage space than a briefcase, and you can easily tuck your laptops, jacket, and water bottle in its spacious compartments. It is the perfect work bag for those who need to carry their professional tools or big graphs in their everyday carrier.


Despite people calling it a weekender, an all-purpose duffel bag is a popular option for the workday as well. Not only due to its large capacity but also because of its functionality. A weekender that is waterproof and scratch-proof is perfect for those who have other activities off the clock, such as hitting the gym. If you want to carry a weekender to the office, make sure the design should not be too sporty or casual. A sleek weekender with minimalist aesthetics would be a much more decent option.


Clutch and portfolio are the best accessories for professional meetings. When you are going to sign a contract or have an informal meeting in a coffee shop, you may not need to carry a lot of stuff except your laptop, documents, some essential stationery, and a few business cards. A leather clutch is an ideal companion that is designed to keep you sharp, professional, and organized in these situations.


Not every work requires you to bring a laptop. Most messenger bags are light in weight and can keep everything you need easy access. People who carry a messenger to work usually don’t have vert straight dress code to follow, meaning it is crucial to make sure your messenger is versatile and timeless enough to pair with different outfits in your wardrobe.

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