6 Types Of Bag A Professional Should Own

Maverick & Co. 6 Types Of Bag That A Professional Should Own

As a professional man or a business elite, we all want to look dapper and classy. Therefore, we spent countless money on bespoke suits and ties. However, many gentlemen tend to neglect the importance of the accessories. Literally I mean, BAGS. Wearing a full suit with carrying a bag that you use from high school, is just like someone wearing flip flops in a fine dining restaurant.

Carrying the right bag for the right occasion can be a difficult topic. Here are some of our professional recommendations.


The timeless addition to any working man’s wardrobe, especially for the occasions that require formal attire. A classy briefcase adds to your credibility and gives you confidence when heading into a business meeting.

With a slim cut and modern designs, briefcases nowadays is never a boxy or old-fashioned item, but a stylish addition with practicality to the gentlemen.


If you know how to choose a business backpack that combines aesthetic and utility, it can be the most versatile and handy daily carry to own.

A backpack could be a perfect choice for the business-casual commuters. Some backpacks even are designed with luggage sleeve so you can attach it to your suitcase with no effort.


No matter you are planning the next getaway or just the daily errand to the gym, a roomy weekender is always the best idea to hold everything you need, while still being light enough to carry around with you all the time.

A Multi-purpose weekender bag with minimalist design is your handiest and finest choice for office, work out, or even spontaneous short trips.


If you just have a laptop and a few documents with you for work, a simple portfolio is everything you need to house your laptop and papers. Not only can a portfolio or a clutch keep your things organized, but it can also serve as an extension of your look. Perfect for the modern professionals who appreciate minimalism.


No one enjoys carrying a bulky bag in the crowded subway. Carrying a messenger will be great for keeping your hands free while holding all your daily essentials.

No matter you are in a business-casual, smart casual or just a leisure dress code, the simple yet versatile messenger keeps its utility while adding some aesthetics to your everyday look. Don’t tell me you don’t own one?

Sling Bag

How to celebrate your happy Friday? Dress chic and be a cool cat! But at the same time, you have to stay classy for work. Then, how about using a sling bag to balance these 2 styles?

Causally wear across your chest or on the back, make it the lightest carry to to complement both your formal and casual style.

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