Spring 2020 - Bloom & Blossom

In the twinkling of an eye, the last winter of the decade is passed. When the land is awakening, the process of Bloom and Blossom is carried on the first spring breeze, sending the reminder of the miracle of growth.

Celebrating the rejuvenation of the earth, Maverick & Co.’s Spring 2020 campaign was designed to embody the infinite possibility of the season of rebirth. Spring is the time that ideas and inspirations are growing and flourishing. While being contented with our achievements, no one should stop their way in unleashing their boundless potential. The concept of growth was wholly incorporated in our latest Spring 2020 Collections, hinting the brightest stage of your blossoms.

Maverick & Co. Spring 2020 Campaign

Manhattan Deluxe Leather Briefcase

Never rest on your laurels - The deluxe edition of the iconic Manhattan series is our best breakthrough of the season. Precisely crafted with the finest leather that gives a luxurious finish and supreme texture, along with the great enhancement in resistance and durability, the new Manhattan is designed to make an impression.

Preserving the signature vibrant lining, the introduction of the mature and mysterious hue of brown gives you more options to complete your personal style.



Artisan Everyday Backpack

Backpack is the ever-convenient staple for your daily errands, but no one said you have to lose your class when you are off the clock. Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship, the Artisan Everyday Backpack demonstrates its exceptional profundity in every detail.

We embrace changes and we give the typical rucksack a new definition. When the elegant design meets with the high-performance vegan leather, it creates the perfect combination of aesthetic and utility.



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