Our Efforts to Preserve the Planet
We design with a commitment to durability and sustainability.

From our bags and linings to our packaging, we carefully select our materials to minimize our environmental impact.

Join us in our pursuit of sustainable elegance, and together, we can make a difference.


From Wastes To Bags

We continue to grow our collections of bags made from all kinds of recycled materials, reduce waste from landfills and conserve natural resources during production.

Recycled Leather​

Recycled from post-consumer leathers, pairs the classic allure of genuine leather with enhanced durability. It's eco-friendly, robust, making sustainability feel as good as it looks.

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Recycled Polyester​

Plastic waste poses a major environmental challenge. By transforming discarded plastic bottles into recycled polyester, we're creating a durable, water, and scratch-resistant fabric that also actively reduces waste.

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Nothing Goes To Waste

Excessive packaging is a significant contributor to global pollution. We're devoted to smart, minimal packaging practices - less waste, same great protection for our products.

Packaging with Purpose

From the box and dust bag to the thank you card inside, our packaging is carefully made with FSC-certified paper to ensure it is sustainable, recyclable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Long-Lasting Style

Enduring Elegance

All our products are crafted with quality materials and minimalist aesthetics that stand the test of time, ensuring each piece you purchase isn't just a temporary trend but a long-term companion.

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