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6 Types of Work Bags for Different Men
6 Types of Work Bags for Different Men
A good work bag can speak for you and help you win at first impression. Here are 6 common types of work bags for different men and how to select the best work bag for your needs.
5 Stylish Business Backpacks for Every Man in 2022

Are you looking for the best business backpack to carry your office essentials conveniently?

Backpacks are an important part of your life but rarely get the attention they deserve. Backpacks have a unique cosmopolitan vibe to them.

Back To Work With These 5 Types of Leather Briefcases
Carrying a lot of stuff to work can be challenging, but a good leather briefcase can help. However, finding the best leather briefcase that fits style, functionality, and durability can be a bit difficult. It is important to choose the right briefcase because it is a long term investment.
4 Tips On Choosing The Best Business Backpack
Not everyone enjoys carrying a briefcase to work. Sometimes you just want to spare your hands for your phone and your morning coffee, and we totally understand that. For times like this, what you need is a dapper backpack that...
Are You Making These 4 Common Briefcase Mistakes?
Whether it's a job interview or a formal meeting with clients, how you dress is a crucial factor that directly affects how people see you. To maintain a smart and professional image, a well-picked briefcase is one of the essentials to help you win at first sight. Yet, when it comes to buying a new briefcase, many of us tend to make some similar mistakes..
How to dress for an interview – Impress your interviewer with the winning look
Your attire portrays your attitude about the job. Dressing appropriately is crucial for winning at the first sight. Since what you wear for an interview is definitely not a one size fits all situation, you should match your attire to the company style. Here are some tips for a winning look to get the best impression from interviewers.


6 Types Of Bag A Professional Should Own
6 Types Of Bag A Professional Should Own

As a professional man or a business elite, we all want to look dapper and classy. However, many gentlemen tend to neglect the importance of the accessories. Carrying the right bag for the right occasion can be a difficult topic. Here are some of our professional recommendations.

6 Most-Wanted Briefcases At Any Budget
Finding the ideal work bag can be hard. You want a reliable briefcase to hold your laptop from office to home effortlessly, and you want it to be cool and stylish enough that you don’t mind carrying it on and...
International Women’s Day – Beyond Labelling
Briefcase is the symbol for the man that has it all - Says who? Paying tribute to gender equality, Maverick & Co. is here to challenge the norms. You don’t have to be a man to make a howling success,...
Spring 2020 - Bloom & Blossom
In the twinkling of an eye, the last winter of the decade is passed. When the land is awakening, the process of Bloom and Blossom is carried on the first spring breeze, sending the reminder of the miracle of growth....
【Briefcases in Style】Inspired by 10 Best-dressed European Men
Thinking briefcases are just for grandpas? Think again. The new generation of briefcase is sleek and slim, with room for all your work essentials. Sure, corporate careers come with a certain level of expectation when it comes to outfits, but...
Briefcase Buying Guide: 4 Common Mistakes Nearly All Men Make With Their Briefcases
Most of the gentlemen at work, both in suits or casual clothing, tend to use one single bag for all occasions. Sometimes even it is tattered, we don’t bother to change. Like a cigarette burn on your sweater or a toothpaste stain on your black jeans, a miscalculated move with your briefcase is enough to bring your sartorial efforts and impression crumbling down. Here are 4 common mistakes a man can make when choosing briefcase and ways to swerve them.

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