5 Stylish Business Backpacks for Every Man in 2022

Are you looking for the best business backpack to carry your office essentials conveniently?

Backpacks are an important part of your life but rarely get the attention they deserve. Backpacks have a unique cosmopolitan vibe to them. But style or looks isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing business backpacks. You need a super-sleek backpack with stunning aesthetics to match with your formal outfit, and handy features to meet your everyday needs.

Check out these five most stylish backpacks for every professional man to meet their specific needs in 2022.

Maverick & Co. Navy Explorer Light Backpack Plus For Men
Maverick & Co. Explorer Light Backpack Plus


Explorer Light Backpack Plus is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. If you’re an elite businessman and looking for a backpack to stay organized, Explorer's protective laptop compartment design is perfect for you.

Multiple external pockets provide easy access to handy items. The high-performance backpack is water-resistant and made of nylon, giving it fantastic durability. Hang it or attach it to your suitcase on the go, this backpack has you covered.

Maverick & Co. Metropolitan Business Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Metropolitan Business Backpack


Are you a believer of "Less Is More"?

The Metropolitan Business Backpack is a dapper and chic companion designed to compliment your personality as well as match your style. Its smartly crafted roomy interior and perfectly symmetrical shape guard your belongings like no other backpack.

Whether you’re attending a corporate meeting or traveling, this backpack with robust features, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic appeal will never disappoint.

Maverick & Co. Skyler Trendsetter Backpack
Maverick & Co. Skyler Trendsetter Backpack


Don’t like changing backpacks frequently? This all-in-one solution is the right choice for you.

The versatile Skyler is all you need to carry your essentials whether you’re having a lunch date or attending a business meeting. You can use it from Monday to Sunday with both formal and casual outfits.

Made of cleanable vegan leather,taking care of Skyler backpack is no biggie. Look no further when you need a sleek and stylish backpack for your belongings.

Maverick & Co. Vista Waterproof Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Vista Waterproof Backpack


With the waterproof Vista backpack, rainy days and splashes will not be a problem anymore.

Not only it is made of water-resistant fabrics and zippers to give you full protection against water, it is also incredibly light and comfortable to carry. Perfect for indoor and outdoor, the backpack will certainly impress all your friends with its urban aesthetic and advanced functionality.

Maverick & Co. Earthen Recycled Leather Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Earthen Recycled Leather Backpack


Smart storage is not an abstract concept with Earthen Recycled Leather Backpack.Made of recyclable leather, this is the best laptop backpack for anyone who likes the texture of leather but wants more eco-friendly options.

It has excellent water and scratch resistance and can fit in 17” laptops easily. The backpack boasts multiple flexible organizers and slips pockets to help you keep essentials within reach.

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