Back To Work With These 5 Types of Leather Briefcases

Carrying a lot of stuff to work can be challenging, but a good leather briefcase can help. However, finding the best leather briefcase that fits style, functionality, and durability can be a bit difficult. It is important to choose the right briefcase because it is a long term investment.

It is okay if you are new to leather briefcases and do not know the right choices for the best men’s briefcase. We are going to mention some of our favorite picks in 2022, and why they are special in this comprehensive article.

Maverick & Co. Navy Manhattan Leather Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Manhattan Leather Briefcase

Saffiano Leather Briefcase

Saffiano leather with crosshatch pattern has become one of the most popular materials in luxury and designer brands like Prada. It is a perfect material for making briefcase due to its sophisticated look and outstanding durability. In addition, it has a water repellent surface that allows you to clean the bag easily, which keeps your briefcase looking fresh for years to come.
If you prioritize style, the Manhattan Leather Briefcase in Saffiano leather with a slim profile and catchy details will surely help you to make a winning first impression at any occasion.

Maverick & Co. Navy Limitless Leather Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Limitless Voyage Briefcase

Expandable Leather Briefcase

The expandable leather briefcases are the ideal work bag for your versatile needs. They allow you to expand interior storage for additional files and documents anytime in anywhere, making it a practical companion for daily errands and corporate meetings.
The Limitless Voyage Briefcase has a slim silhouette that creates a smart look for your outfit. You may choose to unbutton it for a 5X bigger space for your other essentials whenever you want.

Maverick & Co. Voyage Leather-Trimmed Briefcase
Maverick & Co. Vibrant Voyage Briefcase

Leather-Trimmed Briefcase

The leather-trimmed briefcase is more of a hybrid option, making it a favorite on our list of best leather briefcases 2022. It combines the luxury of a leather bag and the durability of a nylon bag, to provide both strength and sophistication in one.
Leather-trimmed briefcase like Alpha and Vibrant are generally lighter than most of the leather bags in the market, making it more portable and easier to carry.

Maverick & Co. Manhattan Double-Zip Briefcase For Men
Maverick & Co. Manhattan Double-Zip Leather Briefcase

Double-Compartment Leather Briefcase

Not only it can give your more storage for your essentials for work and beyond, but also it can store your gadgets and documents separately to keep your briefcase more organized and everything will be in an easy reach.
Leather briefcase with extra compartment for tech devices like Manhattan usually gives better protection to your valuable laptop as well.

Maverick & Co. Earthen Recycled Leather Briefcase For Men
Maverick & Co. Earthen Recycled Leather Briefcase

Recycled Leather Briefcase

If you love living a sustainable life and want to preserve the environment, a briefcase that is made from recycled material like the Earthen Recycled Leather Briefcase will be the best choice for you.
Recycled leather briefcase usually gives a very similar look and feel to genuine leather briefcases, but much more friendly to the environment. It is also water and scratch-resistant, so your belongings can stay safe and secure in every journey.

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