6 Most-Wanted Briefcases At Any Budget

Finding the ideal work bag can be hard. You want a reliable briefcase to hold your laptop from office to home effortlessly, and you want it to be cool and stylish enough that you don’t mind carrying it on and off the clock.

While everyone might have different needs and budget on the search of their perfect briefcase, the following list is a great place to start with.
Maverick & Co. Black Manhattan Leather Briefcase For Men / For Women
Maverick & Co. Black Manhattan Leather Briefcase
(USD261) (USD209)
Understated Boldness
Manhattan Leather Briefcase

A work bag that pairs well with suits does not have to be dull. The Manhattan leather briefcase adds a bit of character to your professional wardrobe, while still classy enough to look sharp no matter the occasion.

Maverick & Co. Navy Blue Metropolitan Slim Leather Briefcase For Men / For Women
Maverick & Co. Navy Metropolitan Slim Briefcase
(USD255) (USD179)
Minimalist Classic
Metropolitan Slim Briefcase

Believe it or not, the classic never gets old. Without excessive decorating, the Metropolitan business briefcase keeps your office style simple yet sophisticated. Available in navy, black or gray, the elegant full-grain leather briefcase has everything you want – or even better.

Maverick & Co. Navy Blue Alpha Leather Trimmed Slim Briefcase For Men / For Women
Maverick & Co. Navy Alpha Leather-Trimmed Briefcase
(USD193) (USD145)
Best Budget
Alpha Leather Trimmed Briefcase

Who says a budget-friendly briefcase can’t look premium? The slim laptop bag with contemporary design is exceeding your expectation in every sense. Rendered in full-grain Saffiano leather and waterproof nylon fabric, the textural contrast accentuates its unrivalled lightness and practicality.

Maverick & Co. Navy Blue Vibrant Voyage Waterproof Nylon Briefcase For Men / For Women
Maverick & Co. Navy Vibrant Voyage Briefcase
(USD199) (USD149)
Versatile Staple
Vibrant Voyage Briefcase

If you prefer something that’s lighter and easier to carry than the standard briefcase, this one is for you. Designed with smart compartments and suitcase sleeve, the waterproof briefcase is the ever-convenient option that injected with a hint of class and incomparable functionality.

Maverick & Co. Black Limitless Vegan Leather Briefcase For Men / For Women
Maverick & Co. Black Limitless Voyage Briefcase
(USD209) (USD145)
Compact yet Capacious
Limitless Voyage Briefcase

Tired of the baggy and bulky grandpa briefcase? Finally there’s something that’s slimmer than ever, but not sacrificing its capacity to hold your documents and laptop. Expand the briefcase anytime with ease, and it gives you 5X more storage. Did I mention it’s waterproof and scratch-proof as well?

Maverick & Co. Navy Blue Manhattan Deluxe Calf Leather Briefcase For Men / For Women
Maverick & Co. Royal Navy Manhattan Deluxe Leather Breifcase
Manhattan Deluxe Leather Briefcase

Slightly pricier than the others, but the quality of the Deluxe edition never fails to surprise. Beautifully crafted with the finest calf leather, the delicate finishing and rich texture speaks luxury in every detail. Need a premium work bag to accentuate your ambition? Here’s the best for you.

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