4 Tips On Choosing The Best Business Backpack

Not everyone enjoys carrying a briefcase to work. Sometimes you just want to spare your hands for your phone and your morning coffee, and we totally understand that. For times like this, what you need is a dapper backpack that looks equally nice and formal as your regular briefcase. And here are some key tips for you to help you pick the best suit-friendly backpack.

Maverick & Co. Navy Metropolitan Leather Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Metropolitan Navy Business Backpack
(USD279) (USD209)
Tip 1

A poor choice of material can easily make you look like carrying your elementary school bag to work. To maintain a classy and professional image in front of your boss and colleagues, a backpack that looks premium and sophisticated is essential. One of the best options is always leather. The rich texture and unique pattern lend your backpack a sense of luxury and it's definitely the safest choice to pair with any formal outfit. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, vegan leather is an excellent alternative as well.

Maverick & Co. Navy Skyler Leather Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Skyler Navy Vegan-Leather Backpack
Tip 2
Style and Design

Luxury bag that's fully covered with printed logo? Looks cool with your weekend outfit, but it may be a bit too fancy for the office and boardroom. When choosing your backpack to work, an understated and minimalist design would be perfect for all industries and working environments. Another good thing about simple design is that it will surely be versatile and can fit with your holiday looks as well.

Maverick & Co. Black Explorer Light Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Explorer Black Light Nylon Backpack
(USD180) (USD135)
Tip 3

Style is important, but practicality is something you should never forget as well. Many of the people bring their laptops or tablets to work, and some need to carry important documents to meet their clients. Therefore, a water-resistant backpack would be essential to keep the valuables away from raindrops and splashes. If you travel a lot, a luggage sleeve on your backpack can help you hold your bag on the suitcase and save you lots of effort.

Maverick & Co. Ernest Navy Convertible Nylon Backpack For Men
Maverick & Co. Ernest Convertible Nylon Backpack
Tip 4
Volume and Weight

Don't forget to pay extra attention to the laptop compartment before you place your order. Always make sure it's big enough for your devices and with padded material so it can give extra protection to your gadgets. If you carry a lot to work or commute frequently, a backpack made with light nylon material is perfect for you as it will never weigh you down.

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