Are You Making These 4 Common Briefcase Mistakes?

Whether it's a job interview or a formal meeting with clients, how you dress is a crucial factor that directly affects how people see you. To maintain a smart and professional image, a well-picked briefcase is one of the essentials to help you win at first sight. Yet, when it comes to buying a new briefcase, many of us tend to make some similar mistakes:

Maverick & Co. ALPHA Water-resistant leather-trimmed Briefcase
Alpha Leather-Trimmed Briefcase
(USD193) (USD145)
Mistake 1:Leather Is the Only Way?

Aleather briefcase is a brilliant way to accentuate your extraordinary taste. But if you are planning to carry it in your everyday commute, it may not be the most resistant option.

Vegan leatherandnylon briefcaseare some of the excellent alternatives that are tough enough to protect your valuables from raindrops and scratches without sacrificing your elegance.

Maverick & Co. LIMITLESS Waterproof vegan leather Briefcase
Limitless Expandable Vegan Leather Briefcase
Mistake 2: Not Matching With Your Daily Style

Think about what do you wear to work everyday: Are you a full suit-and-tie type of person? Or do you usually just wear shirts and chinos? The best way to pull of your go-to-work look is to make sure your bag follows the aesthetics and style of your outfit. If you are a suit person, never choose a briefcasethat with too many pockets on the outside. If your everyday style is more casual or trendy, a slim and simple briefcase will make you look even sharper.

Maverick & Co. MANHATTAN leather briecase
Manhattan Leather Briefcase
Mistake 3: Pick The Wrong Color

When carrying a briefcase, you want to emphasize your professional and powerful side.

It's always best to stick with the traditional business colors: black, brown, and navy. Want to stand out from the crowd without looking odd? A pop of vibrant color in the details would be good enough.

Maverick & Co. VIBRANT Waterproof Briefcase 商務防水公事包
Vibrant Voyage Light Briefcase
Mistake 4: Too Big Or Too Small

It’s the same as choosing your shoes, a good briefcase is always the one that fits well. List out every essential you need to put in your work bag to make sure you are going for a briefcase with just-right volume. Go for a double-compartment one if you tend to carry a lot of documents. Otherwise, a simple but expandable one would be nice for every occasion.

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